Does your weight bother you? Have you ever felt too fat in the midst of a crowd? Have you ever wished that you could buy that dress which is two sizes smaller than you? Why not change it? Your life is in your hands and the decisions you make will mould your future. Therefore, if you take it up to your mind to get yourself to lose weight, then there is no one that can stop you. Remember, when you are in the process of losing weight, the enemy will be yourself. The temptations that you get at the sight of mouth watering food need to be ignored. Following are some steps that may help you in this process.

Lifestyle changes

We all make those fake promises to ourselves. Do we ever keep them? We pledge ourselves not to consume any sweets until those 5 kilos have been taken rid of; but what happens at the sight of a yummy brownie? You become tempted and end up eating it anyway. What should you do to avoid that? Eat some fruits and have a healthy diet. If you feel hungry, eat a granola bar; don’t eat any junk food or sweets that you find lying around the house.


Indeed it is nice to have a weekend getaway with your loves ones and have some good food at a fine dining restaurant. However, do not make it a habit to make frequent visits as such. Even if you do, learn to explore other available food in the counters. They will have very healthy salads and food that actually taste good. You only need to taste it once and given the benefits and healthiness of them, you will undoubtedly order it the next time as well.

The salt

Try to avoid salt as much as possible. Yes, those potato chips covered in salt are heavenly and they are the best saviour that helps in an hour of hunger than you end up munching in a whole bag without event noticing. Another thing that you do not notice is that you also consume a lot of salt with it. So, the next time you go the super market; why not buy some granola bars instead of these? You would be safer.

The main meals

It is common knowledge that we have three main meals. Some, due to their busy schedules have come to the habit of skipping breakfast and it is most definitely not a healthy habit. Some may believe that skipping breakfast will help them lose weight, it most definitely not help you to live healthy. So eat well. Have a light dinner. This is where most go wrong as they end up having heavy dinners, giving too much for the system in your body to handle.

Therefore, you must always control yourself if you hope to lose weight!