Health is what you must preserve. It is common knowledge that as we age our health too deteriorates. It has become even worse now as even the younger generation seems to be vulnerable to many diseases due to unhealthy eating habits. The fast food chains that are increasingly expanding aren’t helping either. So what do we do? Yes, you probably will need to have food or fast food outside occasionally but that does not mean that we cannot maintain a healthy diet. In fact, we can ensure that the food we eat at home are fully healthy and will help you increase the quality of life.

Fruits and vegetables

Have people forgotten how important it is to involve fruits and vegetables to a main meal? It has been a practise from old times to involve fruits as a dessert for a meal. However, nowadays we see these being replaced by other high calorie desserts which are not so good for our health. If you follow the food pyramid well, you would see that it directs you to involve a total of 9 fruits and vegetables in your meal. Might not seem so practical, but it isn’t impossible and if you fancy living a bit longer, you might want to take this step.

Liquid calories

Are they good? Not so much. You need to limit the consumption of liquid calories as much as you can if you wish to live a healthy life. These liquid juices will obviously involve a lot of sugar and once you get used to it, you might not be able to break off the habit of consuming them regularly. Especially fizzy drinks, which have become very popular among young adults; it has become a threat to their lives as the high sugar levels are likely to get them sick at ages which they are supposed to be most healthy in.

Fibre helps

You must try your best to involve more fibre foods in your diet as much as possible. This is more of a multipurpose type of food. While food that contains fibre is very healthy for you in the aspect of losing weight, it also reduces your risk of cancer. Not only that, you will also be able to keep yourself full without feeling hungry as well.

Limit your snacks

Yes we do feel hungry once in a while in between meals, and it is not a crime to have something when you do. But it is very important that you limit this habit as majority of the people have become so used to having snacks, they have forgotten that too much can become unhealthy. Therefore, you need to be smart when consuming snacks; best option is to eat some fruit or a granola bar if you are really hungry. It serves the purpose, doesn’t it?

Be wise in your choice of food!